November 22, 2013

Meet the Models: Adam Cardello - Visual Artist

Adam Cardello allowed us to watch him paint in his studio while sporting a new Skinny Zip Tie in Mustard. After seeing him make artwork, we just needed to know more about what inspires him. Read below and check out his website of his artwork,

This is the second "Meet the Models" post.

How would you describe your artwork?
My work is usually dictated by a formal interest in composition and color relationships. The content is both figurative and abstract in the sense that what you see is a representation of earthly life, reinterpreted using my own visual language. Control is another issue that frequents my work, evident in my process and craft. Some of my recent paintings attempted to weave a narrative between two recent major life events: the birth of my daughter and the death of a life-long friend. They never achieved this. Instead they stand as separate ideas that recognize and accept loss, and observe a child-like wonder of the world. Since those paintings I had been working on small studies, trying to solve a few technical issues that I felt were repeatedly surfacing in my work. I just started a new series of 10 paintings this weekend, which I am pretty excited about. 

How long have you been an artist?
I knew I wanted to be an artist and receive education in the arts from a very young age. With that, I believe that a certain amount of dedication is required to brandish such a nomenclature as being “an artist”; otherwise it is just cast around too easily. I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2004, but lacked that dedication to call myself an artist until about 3 years ago. It took me some time to get my priorities straight. 

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
The existence and relationships of color. 

What inspires you when working?
Right now I am very much interested in the work of Steve Roden. However, I believe that inspiration comes from within, rather than outside influences. Some days it is hard to paint but I make myself do it anyways. On those days, when I am dragging my feet and then one tiny decision reveals something in front of me that completely changes my perspective or experience, that is when I feel most inspired.